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Fraternity - Freemasonry

2.71 usd

With Fratenity, we provide you a modern and international communication mean that enables links and connexions within our large fratery/familly;Our application is designed in a secure and confidential manner ; it allows you to be and stay in touch with your brothers and sisters parties , located just next to you , or situated far away.So you can , for example, when travelling, contact the brothers and participate in their work, visit their region or country, or simply enjoy some moment together .
Four communication means are available :
- A instant messaging system to ease direct communication- A mail box which allows to keep and store information- A forum by topics and concerns (like travels , home exchanges, assistance and help, carpooling ...)- A precise positioning system, or wide one for more confidentiality.- A way to inform in real time all members registered in a specific section.
For this last point , besides the predefined topics , you can, by request, create one or more additional classes, according to your needs.
We remain at your disposal to develop and improve our servicesfraternally.
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